Squeaks & Squeals: Red Flags that Signal Brake Replacement

As time has gone on, cars have become safer and safer. With more safety features available in today’s vehicles than ever before, sometimes we forget about one of the most important features that has been around since the invention of the car: brakes! Without properly working brakes, you open yourself up to accident or injury by not being able to stop when you think you will. Brake replacements aren’t something that happen suddenly, but rather occur after your brakes have gradually worn down. Before deteriorating completely, your brakes will give off a few warning signs to signal to you that brake replacement is in your future, including:

  • Squeaking or grinding soundsWhile a squeaking or squeal while applying the brakes is obvious to nearly anyone who can drive, a less-obvious sign is those same noises that actually stop once you apply the brakes. Both of these situations apply to different brake problems, and both can signal brake replacements.

Brake Replacement

  • Brake pedal feels squishy or softIf you have to push your foot nearly to the floor in order to completely stop, you need to see your mechanic immediately! You may be driving with little to no brake pads.
  • Brake warning lights show up on your dashboardWith so many sounds and lights that occur in today’s cars, it’s easy to ignore them when they pop up. Often times, it’s just the car’s computer working to tell you that your car is due for maintenance, but it can also signal a real problem. Better to be safe than sorry!

Keep yourself safe with proper brakes, and if you’re looking for brake replacements, talk to our experts at Johnson & Johnson Import Specialists, Inc.