Common Misconceptions of Car Heating and Cooling

When it comes to operating a vehicle, there are many associated costs. There’s the insurance to think about and pay for, licensing and registration, maintenance costs, and gas, not to mention the little fees that add up like parking fees or the occasional parking ticket. With all these small costs chipping away at your budget, it’s no wonder that a few myths have popped up about ways to make your car’s heating and cooling work in your favor! We have compiled a few of them here for you to examine.

  • You need to let your engine warm up in the cold weather before driving. Unless your car is quite old, your engine most likely does a pretty good job of heating up quickly– much better than older engines a generation or two ago that actually needed that extra warming time. Now a gentle drive down the street followed by your regular routine will do just fine. Any other idling just wastes gas and pollutes the air.

Heating and cooling

  • Driving with windows down is better than using the A/C. Many of us try to hold off using our home’s A/C until it’s too hot to go without in order to save a bit on our bills, so the same logic should work for our cars, right? Wrong. Your car has to work harder to compensate for the drag that your windows create when they’re rolled down, negating any positive affect that not using your A/C might have saved.
  • Using your A/C on a steep hill will cause your engine to overheat. As cars progress, they become more and more efficient. Your engine will do just fine driving up a steep hill if you have the air conditioning on.

What misconceptions have you heard about heating and cooling your vehicle? If you have heating or cooling questions, speak with one of our experienced mechanics to separate fact from fiction!