Choosing an Import Auto Repair Shop

You drive an imported car and want to take good care of it. Part of that responsibility is knowing which auto repair shop is going to work on it properly. There’s a lot of mechanics out there, and lots of good ones who unfortunately won’t know the specs of an imported vehicle.

auto repair shop specializing in imported vehicles

For anyone who’s not auto inclined, it’s fair to say a set of brakes on a Japanese or German vehicle will have their own specific quirks. This doesn’t mean they’ll be totally alien to a mechanic who specializes on American cars, but it does mean the import specialist will probably know them better. Auto designs have a lot of range and every subsystem of an engine can have its own very particular way of operating, especially if you factor in how the electrics of a modern vehicle take over more and more of the contemporary car’s operations.

If you’re looking for an auto repair shop that can deal with a transmission built overseas, it’s not just a matter of expertise. It could take longer for a mechanic who’s unfamiliar with your BMW or Honda specs to sort out the best way to repair your brakes, costing your more for labor. And that’s not on them: that’s on the automobile owner who should be shopping for the correct mechanic who knows these cars intimately.

So, if you’re in Garner, Raleigh, or in the surrounding areas of North Carolina, you can call us at Johnson & Johnson Import Specialists, Inc. We’re an auto repair shop specializing in imported vehicles with a AAA rating from the Better Business Bureau. Give us a call.