Auto Repair Shop, Raleigh, NC

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better auto repair shop.

To some, a vehicle is little more than a mode of transportation that needs to be reliable for getting to school, work, and other activities. To others, it is a source of pride and a cherished investment that deserves exacting care to keep at top performance. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find our auto repair shop here at Johnson & Johnson Import Specialists, Inc. will deliver the quality service you need. For nearly two decades, we have provided vehicle owners in the Raleigh, North Carolina area with a reliable source for maintenance and repair.

Auto Repair Shop in Raleigh, North Carolina

We have the expertise and diagnostic equipment to be the auto repair shop you turn to for a wide variety of import vehicles. If you are looking for a Mercedes or BMW repair specialist, look no further. We also have experience with Lexus, Acura, Subaru, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Audi, and Honda vehicles. We are dedicated to delivering the best service possible and will treat you in a fair and honest way. Our owner, Micah, is a Master Certified Technician, graduate of Nashville Auto Diesel College with an Associate’s Degree in Business Management, and a U.S. Army Veteran who utilizes the best ethical practices to be sure you are completely satisfied.

The Most Common Repairs in Our Auto Repair Shop

At Johnson & Johnson Import Specialists, Inc., we specialize in import vehicles in our auto repair shop. That has provided us with insight as to the most common repairs needed on the various makes. While this doesn’t mean you’ll always face these if you own one of these makes, it can give you some insight into what happens most often.

  • Lexus– Some of the issues we have seen on Lexus vehicles in our auto repair shop involve failed oxygen sensor components, failed mass air flow sensors, failed ignition coils after 100,000 miles, and various check engine light codes.
  • Acura– Many of the service visits we get for Acuras are because of the check engine light, which is usually a minor situation to resolve. If you have a 2005 Acura and haven’t had it checked out yet, you should know there was a fuel tank recall to correct a potential fuel leak.
  • BMW- The most common problems with BMW are electronic problems, window regulators, door locks, ignition modules, injectors, and the clutch.
  • Honda– Our auto repair shop sees Hondas come in that have experienced a dark display panel sometime after hitting 109,000 miles, power door lock failure, transmission failure over 70,000 miles, and a cracked compliance bushing.
  • Subaru– The most common issues with Subaru include leaking head gaskets, double offset joint repair, constant velocity joint repair, worn axle bearings, A/C system O-rings, oil issues, and timing belt replacement near 100,000 miles.
  • Toyota– Toyotas can sometimes experience a check engine light situation, power steering pump and hose leak, motor mount wear, valve cover gasket oil leak, and transmission hesitation.
  • Hyundai– It might surprise you that Hyundai has often been at the top of the list for the least costly repairs, although they did have a defective airbag system recall a while back, and we do see a few check engine light situations.
  • Kia– A common problem with Kias is that the accelerator position switch can fail and cause sluggish acceleration. Other common concerns are defective anti-theft control modules and failure of the AC compressor clutch.
  • Audi– The most common issues with Audis are oil leaks, electrical component problems, timing belt issues, clunking sounds in sharp turns, and spark plug failure.
  • Mercedes– Our auto repair shop sees a few issues with Mercedes vehicles from time to time, including engine and transmission mounts, gear shifters stuck in park, misfires and ignition system issues, and steering & suspension component concerns.

You would find it challenging to find an auto repair shop that provides the high level of service that our trained, certified, and experienced technicians are capable of. Turn to us for maintenance or repair of the vehicle you count on every day and want to keep at its best. If you have any questions about our auto repair shop or services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Johnson & Johnson Import Specialists, Inc., our auto repair shop serves residents of Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Cary, and Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.